Keeping current with the latest in Comic Books (Graphic Novels) and Pop Culture, Comics Chat with Gat is a weekly show that helps to simplify the fictional universes we hold so dear. Marvel to DC, TV to Films, Comics Chat with Gat is here to talk about the latest news with the man who knows it all (Taylor Katcher) and the one who is looking to learn (Chris Gatley). 

I function as the weekly YouTube show/podcast host and co-creator, video editor, content creator, graphic designer, and social media manager. Since creating a separate YouTube Channel to exclusively house Comics Chat content in mid-November 2015, we have seen 22,477 minutes of CCwG content watched, 51.9K impressions on Twitter, and 6,160 views on YouTube.

Show Description

Gat (Chris Gatley, co-host/co-creator) always worried about being trapped in an alleyway by a man with a knife. The man says he will kill him unless he can answer one question about comic books. Normally Gat would stay up at night and worry. But lately Gat sleeps like a baby. Why? Because Gat enlisted the help of the all-powerful Katch (Taylor Katcher, co-host, co-creator)!

Armed with years (and shelves) of comic book knowledge, Katch continues to teach Gat about the wonders of the comic book universe. So listen on “true believers” and maybe one day your life could be saved in that dark alleyway. All thanks to…


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